Belarus Rising Against Tyranny | Bielorrússia Contra a Tirania

There are record mass demonstrations going on in Belarus. People are rising against decades of oppression by its tyrannical government. Matt Mezinskis and I are interviewing Andrey Dashkov today to explore the significance and repercussions of it all.

Estão ocorrendo protestos enormes na Bielorrússia. O povo está se levantando contra décadas de tirania e opressão do seu governo. Matt e eu entrevistamos hoje Andrey Dashkob para explorar o significado e as repercussões de tudo.




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  1. If what you know from the Brazilian govt comes from the international media, you know less than nothing about it. Brazil and Belarus are 2 RADICALLY different situations. Lukashenko's a reckless a-hole of a dictator. The "reckless dictator" in Brazil is the STF (supreme organ of the judiciary), amassing power by ANY means, taking executive decisions, legislating, saying that they should be protected from the "oppression of the majority/ the people" – if they can make things through oppression, all the tastier and more pleasurable for them. What the Brazilian president attempted to do (a highly legitimate and popular president, one must add – which is recognized even by diehard bitter opposition) was to deal with the economic challenges of this country. PEOPLE IN BRAZIL HAVE BECOME POORER THAN EVER OVERNIGHT AND ARE DYING FROM THE RESULTS OF THE BEUTIFUL, U.N. AND W.H.O. IMPOSED WORSE-THAN-USELESS LOCKDOWN.

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